An Historical Compendium

by Daveak Gellantara

Elder Loremaster of Aneurin

Advisor to King Hengar the Just

Founder of the Guild of Scribes

Since the beginning, when the Maker spoke all things into existence, the Cycle of Ages has waxed and waned over the lives of the sentient races. The First Age began with hope, for the Maker had wrought a perfect creation. It ended, however, in tragedy and darkness, as the Maker’s first children, formed from the soil and given life by the Makers breath, choose to follow their own ways. They chose to believe the lies of the Deceiver, and in their hearts began to wage war on the Maker as the Deceiver had once done. Since that time new ages have begun with the uncertainty and fear of an unknown future. Wars have ravage the once pristine lands and the Maker has been forgotten by most. Through the blood of champions, both noble and ignoble, civilizations climb to the heights of glory, before they topple and pass from existence. Each new civilization building upon the backs of the those that came before. Each leaving an echo in its wake. A unique mark of influence, for good or for ill, on those that follow. Each age continues until an event or, most likely, a series of events turn it toward its inevitable end; sending it spiraling back into the chaos and uncertainty from which it was birthed. Through it all the Maker watches His creations, helping those who call out to Him, and paving a way for them to return to His loving embrace.

An Historical Compendium

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